Marion's Cabin evolved when I realized I had yet to make a miniature scene for my mother-in-law Marion, who is the person solely responsible for my getting involved with the miniature hobby.  Marion always said she wanted to retire to a log cabin, so Vince and I decided her 2006 Mother's Day gift was to make her a "retirement porch"!  Sadly, Marion passed away in March 2010, but something tells me she's sitting in a  rocking chair on the front porch of her log cabin with her dad by her side - about to head out to the lake where they can fish.

Marion's Cabin was featured in the
February 2007 issue of American Miniaturist

Main Front Porch


Gardening accessories for Marion's garden.


A little cardinal friend has come to keep Marion's rocking chair warm!



Flowers and plants.  See the "Mother-in-Law's Tongue" plant?  Yes, it's there on purpose!


Marion enjoying a miniature magazine.  Wonder who's miniature Christmas house is on the cover of that magazine?  It looks vaguely familiar...


Some of the photos and decorations hanging in the inside hallway.  The top photos is of Vince and me on our wedding day; the middle photo is Marion's brother George and the bottom photo is of her grandfather ("Deda").  To the right of Deda is a Serbian eagle.  Inset shows the largest picture, one of Marion and her two boys, Pete and Vince.  Below them is a photo of nephew George and his wife Theresa.


Smokey the schnauzer on the front porch, surrounded by more of Marion's loves: hunting and fishing gear!


Closer photo of Smokey.



Pictures of Marion's mother Sophie and father George.



Front door mat.


Look who's come to visit - Moonlight!


Moonlight has found herself a little friend... though if I were him, I'd run.  Or jump.  Quickly!  ;)

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